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Restaurant & Bar

Demanding lovers of taste have found their place at "Glafkos" restaurant.

Delicious plates of greek and international kitchen accommodated with the best wines of Samos creates the most pleasant environment.

Enjoy your meal looking at the best view ever. You can also enjoy your drink, your coffee or cocktails at the cafeteria-bar, placed in the most summery balcony.

Let go in colors and sounds. We don’ t promise, we offer the best.

Plain view

The blue, blue, emerald, green, gold and silver in all its shades, all hours of the day, the clear horizon of the Aegean Sea from the balcony of your room.

Close to center

Outside the city of Samos, in a calm environment, near the harbor and the commercial heart, on the picturesque bay in Gagou with the crystal blue sea at your feet, just for you.

Gourmet tastes

Gourmet treats for discerning diners! Mediterranean tradition, pure, fresh and abundant materials, on your plate, sun, imagination, passion and love in your glass. Enjoy!


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